Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Neymar will continue playing in Santos

Striker Neymar disagreed with Mano Menezes, coach of the Brazilian, who said he should move to a European club. The player reaffirmed the desire to stay at Saints until the World Cup 2014.
Smiling, boarding Santos to Peru, where the team faces Juan Aurich, Thursday, the attacker was not intimidated and contradicted the "boss" in public. "I'm playing, happy, since when I went I said I'll stay in Santos, already three years that I'm talking about though, are willing to send me away. I want to be us," he said.
Besides Mano, Carlos Alberto Parreira, four-time selection to the 1994 World Cup, also said that the player should not remain in Brazil for a long time. They reinforced the discourse that Ronaldo, Zico, Rivaldo and other prominent names of the national soccer take some time.
Despite the advice, Neymar shown irreducible and says: do not leave Belmiro before July 2014, when terminating his contract with Santos. "I've talked a lot with Ronaldo, I told him I did not think the right time so I was in Santos."
However, the shirt 11 Santos took care not to enter into controversy and declared that respects opposing opinions. "Everyone has their opinion, each head has its sentence. I'm glad the Saints, I get a little more here. When you think you have to go away, I will, but is not the time. I said I'll stay until 2014 "he added.

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